Postdoctoral opportunities

Opportunities are available for postdoctoral fellowship training with faculty members working in a broad range of areas related to cell motility and the cytoskeleton and using a wide array of experimental approaches.

Faculty include the following:

Dr. Phil Bayly: Mechanics and biophysics of cilia and flagella.
Dr. Anders Carlsson: Modeling of Actin Assembly and Force Generation.
Dr. John Cooper: Actin assembly and actin-based motility, including transendothelial migration.
Dr. Ram Dixit: Microtubules and their motors in plant cell biology.
Dr. Susan Dutcher: Assembly and function of cilia.
Dr. Michael Greenberg: Myosin-based contractile functions at the level of molecules, cells and tissues.
Dr. Silvia Jansen: Mechanisms of actin dynamics using single molecule approaches.
Dr. David Kast: Structural and functional basis of cytoskeleton-membrane interactions.
Dr. Greg Longmore: Migration of cancer cells.
Dr. Moe Mahjoub: Assembly and function of cilia in renal systems.
Dr. Celeste Morley: Immune-cell migration and motility.
Dr. Amit Pathak: Cellular mechanobiology.
Dr. Liliana Solnica-Krezel: Cell motility and adhesion during gastrulation.
Dr. Hani Suleiman: Podocyte function in kidney diseases.
Dr. Rui Zhang: Microtubule-based motility and cryo-electron microscopy.

Interested individuals should contact faculty members directly. Contact information is available here.

Washington University is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to the recruitment of candidates traditionally underrepresented on university faculties. Individuals of any race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation are encouraged to apply, as are disabled individuals and veterans.